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Hollico's Completed Project
  • Install 5 miles of 16” pipeline and H2S Removal Plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana

  • Test, rehab, and place in service, 12 miles of 8” and 12” gas pipelines in Harris County, Texas

  • Install two 16” lines with directional drills in Pasadena, Texas

  • Install 5 miles of 12” line, and commission Butane Blending Facility in Kansas City, Kansas

  • Install 5 miles of 20” line near Wichita, Kansas

  • Test 11 miles of 12” pipeline in the Woodlands, Texas

  • Test 66 miles of 6” pipeline from Houston to Sheridan, Texas

  • Install 24” piping and meter station in Yscloskey, Lousiana

  • Fabricated and install meter station in Bedford, Indiana

  • Install 8 miles of 8” pipeline with 3 directional drills in Mont Belvieu, Texas

  • Relocate 6,000’ of 8” pipeline in Exxon Corridor 70 in LaPorte, Texas

  • Install three 6” and one 8” pipeline with directional drills and stations in Pasadena, Texas

  • Install 6” and 8” pipelines with directional drills and stations in Ghent, Kentucky

  • Install 20” HDPE pipelines in Exxon Corridor from Air Liquide Plant to Akzo Plant in Baytown, Texas

  • Install 20” HDPE CO2 pipeline underground through Sun Refinery to Air Liquide Plant in Toledo, Ohio

  • Install Trinity River crossing by directional drilling and remove suspension bridge in Liberty County, Texas

  • Replace 6” crossing by directional drilling of Cache Creek in Wichita Falls, Texas

  • Install 5 miles of 16” pipeline in Channelview, Texas

  • Install 10” crossing by directional drilling of Hildebrandt Bayou in Beaumont, Texas

  • Inspect and make repairs to 3 overhead pipeline bridges across Wax Lake Outlet near Patterson, Louisiana

  • Install 32 miles of dual 8” pipeline in Calhoun County, Texas including 9 directional drills spanning 5-1/2 miles across Lavaca Bay and built 4 scraper skids and 8 valve stations in Port Lavaca, Texas

  • Rework tank lines at Fauna Station in Houston, Texas

  • Install 24” casing across canal in Sour Lake, Texas

  • Paint towers and repair cables on pipeline bridge across Wax Lake Outlet

  • Install several miles of 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” pipelines and fabricate and connect wells in Mont Belvieu, Texas

  • Install 11 miles of 8” and 2500 feet of 6” pipeline in LaPorte, Texas

  • Install grassroots pump station and related facilities in Maypearl, Texas

  • Replace one 12” and three16” river crossings by directional drilling in various locations in Texas

  • Directional drill and install 7700 feet of 16” pipeline at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas

  • Install 28” pipeline crossing by directional drilling in Montgomery County, Texas

  • Remove 4 suspension bridges across rivers in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana

  • Install 22,500 feet of 8”, 16”, and 20” pipelines in Channelview, Texas

  • Repair, upgrade and test 26 miles of 6” and 4” pipeline in Bowie County, Texas

  • Install pump station in Mont Belvieu, Texas


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